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Rigging 3D Cartoon Character Jak from Jak & Daxter series

Rigging a cartoon character I made long ago to get rid of his boring T pose. This is something I wanted to do for some time but never quite find the time.

First, I tried to pose it with transpose master in Zbrush and it was a pain in the a**. Did you ever tried to manually pose a character with many many subtools? Not a good idea. After struggling with it, I decided  to do complete rigging in Maya instead. More long process but really gratifying and after get done with it I can use this rigging for multiple purposes like more different poses or even animations.

I’m mainly a modeler and texture artist but I also like to do simple rigs like these. Hope I can find the time to get more into rigging.

Jak, from the Jak & Daxter series belongs to Naughty Dog. I made this character two years ago back in Animum Advanced Creativity School.