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Where is Sangiemenla? (3D Tutorials)

So I find out today that the YouTube channel of Sangiemenla has closed 🙁 I have really good memories of him as his videos really helped me in my early stage with 3D, when I was trying to learn every single section of 3D before focusing on Modelling/Texturing.

His videos focus more on fluids, physics and dynamics stuff; and show us really good tricks that I’ve never seen anywhere else, like making Shave and a Haircut move realistically with wind or make some tentacles randomly move by their own like living beings.

I remember he was quiet at his videos and that’s a treat I liked from him. Sometimes I prefer direct and straight to the point videos than lots of unsubstantial talking and loose time. It was FAST to make things working.

So if you’re reading me I send you my greetings and hope your awesome videos would be back some day 🙂

If anyone knows what happened to him you can leave it in the comments 😉


Always in our hearts :'(

Rigging 3D Cartoon Character Jak from Jak & Daxter series

Rigging a cartoon character I made long ago to get rid of his boring T pose. This is something I wanted to do for some time but never quite find the time.

First, I tried to pose it with transpose master in Zbrush and it was a pain in the a**. Did you ever tried to manually pose a character with many many subtools? Not a good idea. After struggling with it, I decided  to do complete rigging in Maya instead. More long process but really gratifying and after get done with it I can use this rigging for multiple purposes like more different poses or even animations.

I’m mainly a modeler and texture artist but I also like to do simple rigs like these. Hope I can find the time to get more into rigging.

Jak, from the Jak & Daxter series belongs to Naughty Dog. I made this character two years ago back in Animum Advanced Creativity School.

Shield for Cloudburst’s Room Escape

A prop I made today for Castle Breakout, a medieval escapism videogame for iOS and mac (also coming to PC and Android soon) Developed by Cloudburst, an amazing studio at San Francisco. I work for them mainly as a texture artist and sometimes also modeler, like this case.

Hello World!

Hello everyone! I’m Héctor Lucas, freelance 3D modeler and texture artist from Barcelona. I’m so excited to present you all my blog. I think this is a great way to show you guys some of my work in progress without give it such protagonism at the main gallery, where the most BIG projects are shown.

Expect some weekly or even daily posts here.