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Where is Sangiemenla? (3D Tutorials)

So I find out today that the YouTube channel of Sangiemenla has closed 🙁 I have really good memories of him as his videos really helped me in my early stage with 3D, when I was trying to learn every single section of 3D before focusing on Modelling/Texturing.

His videos focus more on fluids, physics and dynamics stuff; and show us really good tricks that I’ve never seen anywhere else, like making Shave and a Haircut move realistically with wind or make some tentacles randomly move by their own like living beings.

I remember he was quiet at his videos and that’s a treat I liked from him. Sometimes I prefer direct and straight to the point videos than lots of unsubstantial talking and loose time. It was FAST to make things working.

So if you’re reading me I send you my greetings and hope your awesome videos would be back some day 🙂

If anyone knows what happened to him you can leave it in the comments 😉


Always in our hearts :'(

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  1. Quino says:

    Hi Hector,
    This is Quino, Sangiemenla has deleted the account(I know, I don´t understand it neither ) very sad. I loved it too. Thanks god I downloaded many of his Dynamics videos but the one I really wanted I don´t have it.

    PD: Don´t be sad Hector sangliemenla is know DDT in youtube, unfortunately he didn´t upload all the videos.
    From Cadiz in Manchester

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